Heart Shaped Anti-Stress

  • Material: Foam Rubber.
  • Size: 65 x 70 x 50 mm
  • Item Weight: 0.024 kg
  • Pieces in a Pack: 500 Pcs
  • Carton Weight: 12 kg
  • Carton Size: 72 x 32 x 24 cm

Anti Stress Ball Printing Options :

  • UV Printing | PAD Printing
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Heart-Shaped Anti-Stress Items

Heart-shaped anti-stress items are customizable stress-relieving items. They are popular items for reducing stress levels. They had composed of soft foam rubber material. Thus, they are comfortable and smooth. They are a good choice for advertising because they have large surfaces. They can fit a large logo or a colorful design. You can give it to your customers. People will love your concern about mental health. These anti-stress hearts can improve concentration, reduce blood pressure, help with anxiety and so much more.  . Because of their soft material, they are lightweight and compact. It comes in the size of 65 x 70 x 50 mm. These personalized anti-stress hearts draw a lot of attention because it is decoration item. As a result, it is an ideal promotional gift for business promotion.

These personalized anti-stress hearts are available with a UV printing and PAD printing option. As a result, you can personalize them with a logo or design. They will undoubtedly draw people to your brand. This promotional item is also a useful gift item. It relaxing product is a good item as a promotional gift for employees.

  • Formulated from a reliable foam rubber material.
  • Size: 65 x 70 x 50 mm.
  • Available in red color.
  • Shiny coating for a glossy appearance.
  • Excellent promotional item.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Heart-shaped surface area for branding.

Additional information

Weight 0.024 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 7 × 5 cm


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